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We applied all our knowledge from HV manufacture in a new line of products for low voltage.

We have included the ultimate techniques in electromagnetic theory, precision machining and materials science, in order to get an outstanding performance in efficiency tests, but also, getting easy to install.

Usually low voltage elements have been produced with inferior specs that have risen energy waste and failure to critical levels.

To give an example, if the combined loses of a small transformer are reduced only by 5%, after the first year of operation it would be saved enough money to buy nine new transformers.

However, we decreased the energy loses by 15%, with a complete new design and optimal contact improving energy transfer, as well as reducing reflected waves, corona effect and Foucault currents.

But also, simplifying the installation process, at which we can ensure perfect contact of terminals with flat connections, directly to wires

or using compression terminals, where it is even possible to connect several cables at the same terminal, in a very simple and organized way.

They are manufactured following international standards* to ensure quality, costs reduction and CO2 emissions.

*NEMA, IEC, ISO 9001-14001-45001.

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