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The elements used for high current flow must be meticulously designed and manufactured in order to ensure the lowest losses possible.

Otherwise, they could waste thousands of dollars every day.

That is why we put all our efforts designing and producing the best products, using the most advanced techniques on electromagnetic theory, precision machining and materials science, reaching in such way the most efficient and reliable connectors, terminals and bushings in the market.

We can warranty a continuous operation through its lifespan, in any environment and at lowest cost.

Our products reduce energy waste by resistivity in 70%, corona effect 60%, Foucault currents 95% and 99% of operation failures.

We have a patented design that dissipates electromagnetic fields in a controlled way and also improves any transition of reflected waves, which significantly reduces wasted energy.

But including also advanced materials and ultimate manufacture techniques we have achieved great results on higher conductivity and improved performance than any other elements in the market.

We offer three main elements for HV:

Transformer bushings

Terminal and connectors

Inside connection pieces for special equipments

Our products are designed for being used in different power equipments and infrastructure at different voltage levels.

Always following international standards* of quality, costs reduction and CO2 emissions.

*NEMA, IEC, ISO 9001-14001-45001

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